Tuesday, April 17, 2012

AVIAN CHLAMIDIA MIX. Natural treatment for birds.

Psittacosis is a serious infection of birds and humans which is caused by a virus-like bacterium called Chlamydia psittaci. It infects many species of birds and may be transmitted to humans. Other names for the disease are Chlamydiosis and Ornithosis. It’s well known with ” Parrots fever”

This patology can be present in healthy or infected birds. There are many tipical symptoms like : nasal discharge, eye redness, respiratory tract inflammation, diarrhea and a “fluffed up” appearance. Symptoms of illness are only present in birds with an active infection although any “Psittacosis carrier” is capable of shedding and spreading the Chlamydophila organism to other birds and to humans. Stressful conditions or other diseases often activate a latent Psittacosis infection and cause acute illness in birds.

The pathogenicity of chlamydia may not be entirely explained by the direct damage it causes to the cells. The most important pathogenic factor is a toxin that is closely linked to the outer membrane of elementary bodies. The transmission of the disease is both vertically and horizontally. Chlamydia is usually excreted in the feces of infected animals, if left in the environment, once dried can spread through the air circulation favoring the spread of airborne contagion.

The spread of the infection, most often, is linked to ‘import into a free herd of subjects with latent infection or permanent elimination of healthy carriers of the pathogen.

Clinical signs and symptoms in sick birds vary in relation to the virulence of the germ involved, at the age of ill persons (young people have the most severe forms) and the stress they are subjected to the animals. In all avian species, the disease usually manifests with loss of appetite, depression, nasal discharge and eye irritation and severe diarrhea. Transmission is usually airborne and, less frequently, because the digestive system, it is also possible congenital transmission through eggs.

Among the birds are widespread asymptomatic infections in these cases, the carriers can be a source of infection for animals that become infected living environment in which the organism is excreted intermittently.The infection is transmitted by inhaling dried faeces present in chlamydiae, ocular or nasal secretions and dust from feathers of infected birds. Situations that may occur during the cleaning of cages, handling of carcasses, transport, storage, possession and trade of birds, or during visits to zoos, pet shops and aviaries. Infections have been reported in laboratory personnel. Person transmission, although rare, has been documented, but it could be caused by C. pneumoniae and not by C. psittaci.

The action of AVIAN CHLAMIDIA MIX is to slow significantly the progression of disease, eliminating all the typical symptoms of severe cases. It’s an homeopathic treatment that acts specifically targeted at short notice. Particularly suitable for Parrots and all species are very sensitive. This kind of homeophatic treatment can be used for long time without any problems

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