Saturday, April 21, 2012

AVIAN TUBERCOLOSIS MIX . Natural healing for birds.

Tuberculosis affects all mammals and domestic birds and many wild animals in some countries but its incidence has been greatly reduced with the systematic elimination of infected persons identified by the tuberculin test. The disease presents with a clinical picture similar to that seen in humans: there are no specific treatments must be used on slaughter of infected animals in strict isolation rearing and specific hygiene rules aimed at preventing the disease. Tuberculosis in animals is caused by 3 strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis: human, bovine, avian. The Cattle are usually infected with the bovine strain, but is also sensitive to the human and the birds are affected by the avian; Pigs are sensitive to all three types: they can come into contact with the bovine type with the ingestion of feces of cattle; with the avian type, eating sick birds, and as to the type of person coming into contact with household waste. It is characterized as the human one, a bacterium which settles in various organs producendovi the characteristic tubercles and subsequent tissue degeneration. It is widespread throughout the world and in some countries much more than us: while you can feel it unknown in factory farms, appears sporadically in rural ones: in-teressa still much less than other diseases because having greatly reduced the economic cycle of chickens they are sacrificed first that evil has a way of manifesting. It is common to all animals and among birds, in addition to turkeys, pigeons, pheasants, parrots are very receptive. Infection occurs through the organs of respiration and digestion through which the air or food and drink polluted, enter the known specific bacilli. It is predominantly a disease and then chronic manifestations appalesano when it is very advanced: first, they are common to other diseases, is known ie prostration, marked weight loss, so that in later stages of the fellas are reduced to skin and bones, although no the appetite fails, the temperature always marks a slight increase, the crest and wattles would discolour and often appear in the joints of the swelling, towards the end, I will make diarrhea and bloody: death occurs for cachexia. Most of the eggs laid are infected. The certainty of the diagnosis can not therefore be that the positive reaction with a small drop of avian tuberculin,that injected into a crest or wattles, after 24-48 hours, if the chicken is sick, it makes them swell, or postmortem examination of animals, especially the liver, spleen and intestines that appear sprinkled with numerous nodules whitish, as large as a millet-seed or a pea, real hotbeds of germs. Much of it should be the prevention of antibiotic suppression of the sick and the careful disinfection. Avian tuberculosis is not dangerous to humans,but it sensitizes cattle and pigs, giving a positive reaction to tubercolinic tests. AVIAN TUBERCOLOSIS MIX is a new homeophatic treatment able to reduce the symptoms of tubercolosis, in particular in parrots. It helps to improve the general condition of animals and in short time drive them to the good general condition. It ‘a good and effective product that works quickly and without leaving any trace harmful. This treatment can be used in intensive livestock farms or in companion animals.

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