Monday, April 16, 2012


Hair Analysis Diagnostic Program.

Hair analysis is not that test where the minerals content in a sample of hair is analysed in some sort of mass spectrometer to produce percentages of each mineral. These tests are available but are often not very helpful in cases of illness which are rarely attributable in the main to minerals imbalance. It is more helpful in identifying soil deficiencies for example or picking up heavy metal or other toxic substance poisoning.

Our” Hair Analysis System”is carried out by reading the electrical energy surrounding a sample of hair which is a holographic representation of the energy of the whole body. The energy state (recorded as a percentage) of all the body systems are recorded on the chart which is provided with each analysis. The blockages show up in systems, which are either too high or too low in energy and give me the information required to potentise herbal and homeopathic treatments to balance these systems thereby breaking the blockages to response. From those information we can have a really good help in treatments of pets.

The procedure is to send a sample of hair along with a brief description of the patient including age, food and health and treatment history. We then read the energy and produce a report with written recommendations and a homeopathic or herbal mixture.

Usually, we request a written or telephone report after three weeks of this treatment and a second sample of hair. After this report and the second analysis, which is included in the overall price, we write a further report and recommendations for ongoing treatment.

We do have some clients who regularly have analyses done on their Race Horses to track the effectiveness of certain feed, supplement and training systems though the regular reading of hair samples. These trainers feel this gives them an edge insofar as problems show up in these analyses long before anything is noticed in the stable or on the track but these are the exception.

The primary use of this system of diagnostics is as stressed above the removal of blockages to treatment.


  1. Sehr geehrter Dr. Giovagnoli,
    ich möchte mich an dieser Stelle noch einmal recht herzlich für Ihre wunderbare Hilfe bedanken! Meinem „Arthur“ (Polski Owczarek Podhalanski) geht es jeden Tag besser und besser. Dank der Haar-Analyse haben Sie herausgefunden, was ihm fehlt und die entsprechende Arznei für ihn bestimmt. Er nimmt brav seine homöopathischen Mittel und ist wie "ausgewechselt"! Danke von Herzen und alles Gute für Sie und Ihr großartiges Team.
    Silvana Ernst

    Dear Dr. Giovagnoli,
    I would like to thank all of you again very much for your wonderful help! My "Arthur" Polski Owczarek Podhalanski) goes there every day better and better. Thanks to the hair analysis, you have found what ails him, and determined the appropriate remedy for him. He takes his good homeopathic remedy and is like "replacement"! Thank you from my heart and all the best for you and your great team.
    Silvana Ernst

  2. Dear Silvana,
    I'm really happy Arthus is getting better! I told you we'll need time to have a really good success, but now we're in the right way. All the best to you and my friend Arthus!


    Luca Giovagnoli